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My mission is to inspire, empower and educate. Through cultivating curiosity and captivating listeners and onlookers, I create enriching aesthetic experiences that provoke and evoke the reflective connections between self and source.


Artist, designer, photographer, videographer, musician, writer, astrologer; a maker of messes and marvels.


I am an ever-aspiring wordsmith, a noodling, doodling dawdler, with eyes like a toddler… Curious. Perhaps a scientist, I'm a risk-taking fake-till-I-make whatever it is that wants to come through me… A channel synthesizing simplexity, and precious vessel ever-angling my convexity towards the cosmos. I'm a multi-instrumental button-mashing story hunter, seeking secrets sequestered outside the box. Matching metaphorical keys and locks, connecting dots and tracing constellations, constantly reciting mantras and incantations. With unhindered verbosity and expressive ferocity, I am perpetually compelled to bring more beauty and curiosity to the world.




Whether the approach is through applied art, digital design, contrived words, invented imagery, found sounds, imperfectly perfected performance, or convivial conversation- my aim is to expand consciousness by inducing intrigue and introducing unique perspectives.
My styles explore and experiment with detail and decontextualization, pushing color and contrast, assembling puzzle-like processes, and abstracting landscape with natural or found textures. I enjoy flirting with floral motif, the female form, and themes surrounding the divine feminine. I'm always searching for ways to employ non-verbal communication, lyric, alliteration, syncopation, juxtaposition, metaphor and symbolism.

"Artezt" is a collection of applied fine and flat arts, mostly in the form of paintings and drawings.  I mix and combine materials to achieve unique styles and textures. Materials utilized include but are not limited to oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints; water-based and acrylic inks; charcoal; graphite; colored pencil; oil and chalk pastels.

"Eztudio" is an assemblage of audio/visual alchemy - videography, photography and music. Working as a one-woman production company or collaborating with a team, I enjoy being a part of building a bigger picture or bolder sound. Formats include but are not limited to digital high definition video; digital and 35 mm film photography; digital audio.

"Dezign" is a collection of digitally rendered art. This functional, representational, personal and professional imagery comes in the form of business cards, logos, posters, flyers, album covers, and websites. Digital applications and tools used include the desktop Adobe Creative Cloud Suite; mobile Adobe apps for iPad and apple pencil; WordPress.

"Eztrology" is my personal take on astrology where I integrate mythology, astronomy, and archetypes. This service offers me a space to examine and translate my perceptions of the cosmos and archetypal energies as they apply to psychology, sociology, and anthropology. This practice is the exploration in cultivating potential, actualizing manifestation and working with divine timing.